The Little Things 

You know those messages you get? The ones you have to forward to “all the people you care about, including me if I am one of them”? My mommy actually takes those messages seriously. 🙄

On the other end of the spectrum, my skepticism and absolute detestation of those “schemes” as I like to call them cannot be overemphasized.

Side note: I have a tendency to be very selfish and only do things that I feel I should do. If I’m not convinced of doing something, there’s a 99.78% chance that I just won’t do it. God is working on me though, so chill with the crucifixion 😏

Okay back to my story… so my momma, she keeps sending these messages and I never respond to them; But she keeps sending them nevertheless. It never struck me how much love was in that simple gesture until this morning.

Another side note: I’m not really good at receiving love from people because I really don’t know how to do it, but that’s a story for another day.

Aaanndd… we’re back!

The message she sent me this morning went like this:

“Dear Lord, I don’t want much for Christmas. It is remaining 34 days before we see 2017. I just want the person reading this to remain alive for me. Send this to the persons you don’t want to lose before the year end and beyond. From a soul that cares.*🙌🏿🙏👏🏿👼🏿💯 you can start with me! “

Now, it’s not as if the previous messages didn’t have this central theme to them. I believe there’s just a moment you have an epiphany no matter how many times the same information has been presented to you. Like Oprah calls it ” The Aha Moment” came to me. This woman is doing this because of how much she cares for me. She’s not a technologically inclined person. She doesn’t mess around with her phone like I do, unless she wants to use the phone for something she deems important. And yet, almost everyday I get a message like this from her. She really does care about me.

She’s my mother so she’s supposed to I guess but it just hit me today that it wasn’t just a duty. It was a responsibility she gladly took upon herself to make sure my wellbeing and my best interests are a priority to her. So, I got off my high horses and responded.

Now I knew that I could send the same message back to her like the recommendation was because that would just start a cycle of the very thing I hate: redundancy. So I responded in my own fashion, my own words, to tell her that “hey ma, I care too”.

I wrote this back…

“You will remain alive and live a full, long life filled with all the good things imaginable in Jesus’ name”

Yes I know! 🙄 I’m not a romantic. But I’m working on that because in my head and heart I am😁.

At the end of the day,  the reason I wrote this is so that you can see that when two people love each other, regardless of the relationship, communication is important. Learn to speak and understand each other’s love languages even though it doesn’t make sense to you. That’s why you’re loving someone, not just yourself.

So today, I challenge you… learn a word, or a sentence, in the language of someone you care for, and tell it to them and have a great day while you’re at it😉

In the universal tongue of love, I love you!♥️


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