You laughed but I’m Sorry 

I’m sorry…

You laughed, called me “blackie”, reminded me of how I was “too dark” to do this or that, made me believe that somehow the darkness of my skin had a direct relationship with my beauty and the quality of my life, made me go home and stand in front of my mirror and cry my eyes out, made me wish I was just a tad bit lighter, like the most beautiful girl in class.

Well I’m sorry. I’m sorry I believed you. I’m sorry I took it personally, and seriously. I’m sorry I called myself ugly just because you said so. I’m sorry I didn’t believe that man that one time in the market who said “my daughter, your color is so beautiful, don’t ever bleach your skin”, or my teacher who said “you’re not too black, you’re ebony and beautiful”. 

Man, how much time did I waste looking at what you wanted me to see? Instead of looking at what is.

 I really thank God for Jesus because He opened my eyes and now I almost can’t stop admiring myself. My skin like a goddess, my persona and charisma, rightfully so because I am royalty, my smile that softens the hardest of hearts, my God-given grace that can brighten the darkest of days. I am dark skinned and if I could pick a skin tone again, I’d pick this one because dang!!! It’s fire! It’s so beautiful and I’m really sorry it took me as long as it did to realize it.

But thank you I guess; because if you didn’t call me all those things, I don’t know that I’d be writing this beautiful piece today to tell that beautiful girl reading this to go look in the mirror, this time with her eyes open and SEE, maybe for the first time, that she is breathtakingly beautiful, beyond my words can describe, and that she can walk with her head up high because not only is she a wonderful creature, the world around her knows it! 


  1. You are wonderfully and beautifully made.
    A direct replica of your Creator,
    A Mirror Image of God.
    Smile and see how God looks when he does.


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