PSA: Light is Here

If you are a believer, you hear about or read about a rumor concerning a spiritual leader, and you help propagate that rumor, you are looking for trouble.If you are not a believer, and you purposely spread lies about God’s anointed to tarnish their image, because they stand with truth, you are looking for trouble.

If you are not a believer or you are a believer, and you look for every opportunity to blow up every rumor you hear about a servant of God whose calling has put him/her in the public eye, you are looking for trouble. 

If you don’t pray for your leaders, but rather judge them mercilessly and hope for their downfall, assuming that everyone but you has to uphold the imaginary law of perfection, you are looking for trouble. 

These past weeks have really convicted me and taught me that it is my God-given responsibility to pray for my spiritual leaders because the war against them is fierce.. there are sons and daughters of the devil who will do everything in their power to attempt to overshadow light with darkness… as impossible as that task is, God has put the victory in my hands, as well as in the hands of all of His children. The battle is won but the victory is ours for the taking.

I am responsible for maintaining my integrity and defending that of my spiritual leaders, in the place of prayer and in my speech… so no, I will not allow you get away with talking nonsense about a believer of Jesus Christ who is a celebrity because you have no right. I have power to put you in your place and that is exactly what I will do. There’s no battle between the kingdom of light and darkness… that ideology is so wrong because it assumes that we are equals on any measure. LIE. 

God has called us to love, but let me remind you, the Spirit we have is not that of timidity; it is of power, of love and of a sound mind. I will love you regardless of your opinion but don’t ever think for half of a millisecond that I will tolerate your sin and support it. Every terrible thing you want to normalize won’t work because we are here to colonize. This is not a MERGER, it’s a TAKEOVER. 

Don’t get it twisted at all. We are endowed with everything we need to successfully colonize this earth because the earth’s system is a failure. We are sons and daughters of God’s kingdom… the kingdom of light. We are burning lights… so Darkness be scared… because when Light comes, Darkness vanishes…. like it was never there in the first place…. LISTEN… Light is here!

In our schools, our workplaces, our churches, our hair salons, our car shops, our restaurants, grocery stores, EVERYWHERE we go, we are invading our world with light. Enough is enough! We have repented of being asleep too long. We died with Christ so we could be resurrected with Him. We are ambassadors of our Father’s kingdom and it will show henceforth, in our speech , our walk, our talk, our deeds. We are light. We are in this world but we are not of this world and you will know it when you see us because we are not trying to blend in; We stand out! We repent, of being babies for too long. Now it’s time to make our daddy proud and Thank Abba He is solidly behind us.
Share this as much as you can because we have to let hell know, the sons and daughters of God have awoken! The Church! The Ecclesia! The Called Out Ones! are marching forward and the gates of hell cannot and will not prevail. 

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