Dancing in the Winter Rain

If you can’t already tell by how I act, I was a very crazy kid😆

Growing up in Nigeria is and would always be one of the highlights of my life because of all the memories I have from home. One of my favorite memories was playing in the rain. I love playing in the rain like kilode. Whenever it was raining and I was lucky enough that my parents were not home, I’d jump right outside and just play in the rain (sans clothes) and rush back into the house at the speed of lightning whenever I heard my mom or dad’s car approaching. When I finally put on a sweater and went to welcome them, I remember my mom would either ask why my skin looked so white or why i was shivering and then continue with whatever she was doing. I bet she knew but didn’t want to start a fight or maybe she knew just how fun playing in the rain was but had to be the parent and not let me in on the little secret. Plus there is the responsibility of making sure I didn’t get a cold.

Anyways, the fall of 2012 when I began my freshman year of college and it rained,  I was so excited and i jumped right out in my flipflops. I don’t remember but I think I walked to the bookstore and back, because when in college, you can’t give away your nerdiness just like that. You gotta act cool. I was in for the shock of my life though. The rain was COLD. “What is the meaning of this?” I asked myself in absolute disappointment. I could not for the life of me understand why the Indiana autumn would just crash the hopes I had of dancing in the rain. I was not prepared to dance in the winter rain, as I call it.

I wouldn’t recommend dancing in the winter rain actually (because pneumonia is very real), but I would like to make a parallel between rain and life if you’ll allow me.

The truth is that dancing in the rain is kinda like moving through life. There are different seasons that result in different outcomes. Some periods are more conducive than  others to do the things that we love to do and find our reasons to be happy. True dedication is in being able to pursue your passion when it feels good and when it doesn’t feel so good, being able to dance in the summer rain and in the winter rain.

When it comes to life,  don’t be a chicken like me and run from the rain just because it gets cold sometimes. Be “rebellious” and dance in the winter rain, because you love rain and you won’t let winter take that away from you. Your passion is more important than a conducive environment. Don’t just exist… LIVE!


Finally, and very importantly, please don’t go outside this winter and dance when it’s raining ice. I didn’t send you! Haha! 😀


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