It’s pretty common for women to be referred to Proverbs 31 to read about the kind of women we should be. Proverbs 31 is great! This morning though my attention was drawn to the fact that Solomon talked to his “son” for the most part of Proverbs (including 31); and for a significant portion of that, he warns him about the “strange woman” and basically explains to him the dangers of cheating or “stepping out” in his marriage. Coming from a man with the most relationships ever recorded, if I was a guy I would take his advice. I don’t subscribe to the very backward “all men are cheats” mentality. I believe everyone is faced with the “temptation” to do things they shouldn’t do and there are people who, by the grace of God, have enough strength to make the right decisions in those circumstances that usually start out in the mind. I believe there are people who sincerely understand the value of a surrendered life and those are the people who are less likely to fall into scandalous sins like cheating. Why? Well, because if something/ someone is sincerely surrendered to God, he/she/it, is safe. It’s really that simple. Safety is not absence of threat, its the security that the threat is harmless to the individual in question.
Back to Proverbs! Guys, this one is for you. I’m recommending that book to y’all because I don’t believe you are incapable of controlling your desire to have as many women as you want. I believe in your ability to “rejoice with the wife of your youth” and I believe that you are spectacular beings who are strong, powerful, wise and very sweet. Don’t believe the lie that you are uncontrollably wired to hurt the woman you love. You are a dream and you are capable of being an extraordinary husband and father. But you have to start by changing your mindset. If it’s not something you are willing to do, it means you aren’t surrendered to God and you aren’t worthy of a woman who is, i.e the same woman Solomon was talking about in Proverbs 31. It’s not just a particular skill set, it’s evidence of a surrendered life.
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I'm a lover of Jesus, a lover of life, a lover of people and a hater of all forms of injustice

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