I had a very crappy weekend. I mean it was good, but I felt crappy. I hung out with some friends, which I always love, but I was also in a lot of pain. I had had a stressful week and whenever I expose myself to an undue amount of stress, I usually get migraines. The ones I had on Saturday and Sunday were pretty terrible. I was popping pills like an addict and they just didn’t seem to be working. I couldn’t get the wheels in my mind to take a break from their tumultuous spinning.

Whew! I suffered

Then, at Sunday dinner I had a conversation with this lady whom I learned something from. She saw how weak I looked and we briefly talked about trying teas to help ease the pain. The thing she taught me that caught my attention on a different spectrum that I would like to share today is what we talked about outside, in the courtyard.

She suggested I get out to get some fresh air since I had been in my room pretty much all day. I obliged because, at this point, I simply wanted to get better and I wouldn’t let my hermit ways get in the way of that. We sat in the courtyard surrounded by beautiful flowers (one of which is the image featured on this blogpost), we listened to sounds from the birds as they chirped away in activity, I felt the cool evening breeze caress my face and my mind drifted away from worrying about my world to basking in this beauty in this present moment.


Something magical happened, I went back in time to when my family and I would take out mattresses outside and sleep under the moonlight. That pleasant and treasured childhood memory was reawakened and I felt joy and peace. My family is not the way it was that beautiful night, but it felt so good reliving a moment I can never get back again.

The lady then told me how sometimes getting away from stuff and being surrounded by nature can do that to you and shared some of her experiences with me as well.

Whenever  I write blogposts like this, they’re almost always short. I guess its because the best things in life are free and don’t need to be belaboured. The truth of the matter is that if you are like me and your mind cannot help but wander, don’t throw away the advice of being out in nature. There is something about nature that humbles you. It reminds you that the world does not revolve around you. Thinking that the world does revolve around you is one of the root causes of worry. You feel like it is your duty to solve all the problems that you have observed, and you feel frustrated when you discover how incompetent you are to handle all the problems life is throwing at you, directly or indirectly. I should know, I’ve been there.

Whenever I get lost in nature, it suddenly stops being about me and the wheels in my mind still turn, but they focus on something that rejuvenates them. You see, when I try hard to stop the wheels from turning, I make things worse. The wheels in my head are meant to turn all the time, they are just not meant to worry all the time. They are meant to be happy, to be relaxed, to recognize and be appreciative of the beauty I am constantly surrounded by.

I felt much better after that beautiful session of silence out in the midst of God’s creation. I really urge you, as much as you can, to get lost in God’s creation. It takes the pressure off you and its good for your heart, mind and even your body.

Give your mind a treat today will ya? 🙂


Love always,❤️


Posted by:Kingkinah

I'm a lover of Jesus, a lover of life, a lover of people and a hater of all forms of injustice

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