Here’s something I’m learning. My life isn’t perfect… and that’s okay, but not because nobody else’s life is perfect either. There could be someone who has a perfect life, who doesn’t have to go through everything I’ve had to, and that is great for them. Whatever crooked or straight road I need to go through for God to get the absolute glory from my life, I’m willing to take, for HIM. I can’t be grateful in the struggle because someone else has struggles as well. I have to be grateful in the struggle because God is writing my story and His love is more than enough reason to trust the process. I can’t afford to compare myself with anybody. I can’t afford it. I’m too unique to sell myself short in that way.
I hope you feel a similar way about yourself because you ARE special.
More importantly, I need to get in the headspace of understanding that my success in life should be measured by how empty I am when I’m done on earth. I hope to have poured myself out completely. I hope to have given to the world, everything God placed in me for her to receive. I hope to have loved to the best of my ability, understanding that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. I hope to have served. I hope to have been honest, kind, straightforward, fearless, adventurous, brave and absolutely child-like in my view of life. I hope that it is said about me that I never lost the glimmer of hope in my eyes. I hope people will think of me and smile. Most importantly, I hope people will remember me and look to Jesus. I hope I make Him proud. I hope that I have every single thing that Jesus died to give me. Finally, I hope that every single day of my life is a melodious harmony of worship to His ears. I just want to make Him happy. I just want to make Him proud of me. It’s because I love Him, but more so because He first loved me.
– ‘Kinah


Its no shock that I, alongside many other people are sad today. Over five hundred and fifty people who didn’t plan tragedy today, experienced it, and over 50 of those people did not live to tell the story. My little brother lives somewhere not too far from Las Vegas. It really could’ve been him. Those…

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