My fragility, My power

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When you hear that word, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

For me? It’s hair, eyes, curves, smile, grace, care, fragility. She’s fragile and delicate. Yes, I see game changer, boss lady and the likes, but I don’t see it in the same way I see a man as a game changer and boss. What I see is different.

I know there is the ongoing women equality propaganda. I used to be an ardent believer in the theory that I would become a feminist someday because it sounded so cool and, for lack of a better term, badass. I’ve grown older, thank God, I’m wiser. I have a different opinion now on the concept of gender equality.

I think the problem is that we have been going about this the wrong way. I don’t believe that the first feminist decided to embark upon that scary and lonely road just because she wanted to rub shoulders with men. I think she was sick and tired of her abilities being played down and her desires, goals and dreams being belittled for the singular reason of her sex.

It’s such a small thing right? It’s a boy! It’s a girl! That’s all it takes… the average person is wired to take two different thinking paths based on which of these declarations they receive in the maternity ward (or wherever their miracle of birth is taking place)

Question: who is the weaker sex?

Even the feminist woman’s first thought was “woman”. It’s hard to believe that this predisposition comes solely from the place of society belittling the woman. I believe that there is indeed some truth to this statement.

Now, stay with me, don’t leave me yet. I do believe that the woman is the weaker sex, physically speaking. It has been proven scientifically and, lets face it, via simple observation, that the man is naturally built to be physically stronger than the woman. The mistake we make is to base the entirety of strength on something as ostensible as looks.

I am a woman. If I practiced real hard I’d probably be able to lift 200 pounds, but it will take me way more time to train for that than it would a guy my age. That’s life. That’s cool.

I am a woman, I cry, wipe off my tears and go out and make things happen. It’s what I do. I am a woman, my smile and my words of encouragement with this tiny voice of mine, brightens the darkest days of someone.

I am a woman, I get on my knees and support, as the spinal chord would, the man whom without my prayers, is finished.

I am a woman, I am fragile. But my fragility, that’s exactly where my strength lies.

Woman, embrace how soft you are, because that is the beauty of being you. Only you can do soft with such tenacity and strength. Master the art of being fragile. Who needs to be equal to a man when you were fashioned different but equally awesome? ❤


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