The Girl, the Book and the Break Room

This incredibly short story I want to share with you is a very interesting one and you will see why in a bit. It is kind of funny but like all good stories, holds a lesson and something to think about. This is a real event that happened to me in the break room of my office building. This conversation was sparked up because I was holding one of the books from the famous C.S Lewis Chronicles of Narnia Series “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”. For the purposes of the conversation that is about to ensue, I will be Miss A and the person I was talking to will be Person B and the conversation is more or less paraphrased and summarized.

Miss A: …. holding said book and lunch bowl in her hands waiting for microwave to become available in order for her to warm up her oatmeal for lunch….notices Person B looking intently at her hands and tries to figure out if her disapproving look is for the book or the fact that she is having oatmeal for lunch (don’t judge, it wasn’t payday yet).

Person B: I know that book. It’s by C.S Lewis right?

Miss A: Excitedly, Yes it is! Have you read it?

Person B: Yes I have; the entire series… all eight books.

Miss A: Wow! That’s nice. I can’t wait to finish it. I just got done with book one and I can’t wait to get started on this one.

Person B: After reading the whole series, I realized I had just read the bible.

Miss A: Grinning sheepishly, Wow!

Person B: And I was entirely disappointed.


It was at this point the conversation became an interesting one… of some sorts…. Let’s go back.

Miss A: Anxiously wondering what could have disappointed her, Why were you disappointed?

Person B: Well, because, I don’t understand why as a Christian, the author (C.S Lewis) decided to impose his christian views on people through his books. I find it disappointing that someone of his caliber could think it was okay to impose their beliefs on other people.

Miss A: Slightly relieved, Oh, laughs weakly, I dunno. I’ll just read it and see what I think about it.

… a bunch of irrelevant pleasantries were thereafter exchanged as the two people headed back to their destinations.

So here’s the part where I write about what I think of this conversation. Actually, here is NOT that part. Here is the part where in the comments section you tell me what you think. What do you think miss A was thinking?

Do you agree with Person B and why?


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  1. Nice story Kinah…I believe the essence of writing is to pass a message or an idea…so if the writer felt passing on his belief through the pages of a book is best means ..why not? He’s not imposed anything on the reader,he just passed a message.up to you to accept or repel…filter n take what suits u or just stop

    And Person B read all 8 of his books before realising it was dissapointing? If it was that bad ,she’d hv stopped reading b4 the 8th


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