Who I am: Is that who they call me?

Scrolling through instagram, my current favorite ‘time waster’ and I see it. I see that post that makes me go back to that question…again. I’m sitting here reading this eloquent piece by this beautiful fashion blogger who’s discussing how she never thought she’d be who she is today. She was going to become a doctor, but now she’s into fashion and hair… and I’m here again… the same point I’ve arrived at repeatedly… my devil/deep blue sea border.

Working in this lab trying to figure out how to build up the courage to retake my MCAT.

I want to do it. Do I want to do it? Why do I want to do it? Am I sure it’s what I want or what I think I want because of how many times I’ve said it to myself. Am I too scared to back out now because I’ve told too many people about it? “Doctor, My Doctor”, they call out … is that still who I am or who I’ve learned to be?

Is this me or is this just the name I answer to? Can I be both? Or is that me trying to please me and everyone else?

Questions upon questions upon questions. Be still, little wandering mind. Stop thinking. There… back at it again. You can’t stop can you?

It all has to be so perfect right?

Haha. But perfection lies in the journey doesn’t it?

Why can’t you enjoy the life of art on your way to the life of science? Why does it have to be either/or? Can’t you just do what travelers do? Travel! Travel my dear soul and enjoy each day. That cute guy you’d probably never see again, those wise words that still resonate with you, that annoying driver on I-465 (aarrghh!), that one time you danced till your feet were sore, oooh… don’t forget… soaking garri because omo mehn, no money.

Isn’t it just wonderful?

Just enjoy every moment.

Doctor, blogger, musician, philanthropist, billionaire ++ and everything else…. it’s in the journey!


My questions pop up every now and again… but truth is… I’m just a traveler baby and I plan to soak it all up ♥️

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