Get up, Get OUT

Cold Saturday afternoon.

Breakfast at a place I’ve never been before. The pancakes are okay… I guess.

Its about 1pm so I guess its been about 30 minutes, maybe more, since I made the move. I had finally had it! “I am done complaining! I’m going to go out.”

Here  I am. Out. But I still can’t figure out how to approach my purpose for coming out.

I had said earlier today that I decided to take this risk. This risk was mine to take and I took it. Charting uncharted territory, doing something new, because you know me, I get very bored very easily. So I moved!

It’s not necessarily as dramatic as I made it seem. See, college was done with and little old Terre Haute was becoming more depressing for me by the day. I tried though! I really tried to get a job there so that I could continue to be with the people and nurture the friendships that took me years to build. But nope! You know God, He had other plans. So here I am at the intersection of Carmel, Westfield and Noblesville; and I only ever heard of the name of one of those places. “People do it all the time” I said. “It’ll be fun” I said.

But here I am this Saturday afternoon, at a place I typically wont even go to alone, pretending that this half-blinding, half-scorching sun was all a part of my plan when I chose this seat, in an attempt to initiate something I really am not a fan of initiating: friendships. Don’t get me wrong though. I love friends. That’s the whole reason I’m here in the first place. But, contrary to popular belief, I am not that good at making them; friends I mean.

I am probably going to leave here not talking to anybody because, I am not going to just walk up to random strangers acting happy to see them. But… the truth is I feel better than I did about 2 hours ago when I was curled up in my unmade bed scrolling through Instagram: and I am writing this blog right now. I took a shower, wore normal clothes that made me feel better as opposed to the depressed girl walking aimlessly around the house in sweats and a cami. Most importantly, I found out that it was not as cold as I had painted it out to be in the first paragraph. It’s actually sorta warm for fall and I love it! <3.

Up and about today… I am up and about and it all happened because I made the decision to get up and get out of my bed.

I’m feeling pretty accomplished right about now even though I still have a ton of work to do.

So here’s my 2 cents to you today. Stop wallowing. Get up and get out there! You’ll be glad you did 🙂



  1. Oh…this you mean? Common it’s pretty cool. I share in your vision, I strongly do believe in it. Actually the insufficiency of God’s power today is never His deficiency but rather the unavailability of men…2 Chr. 16:9 says something about this. Did you know that, for the unavailability of 1grain(Lot Gen. 19), a whole city(Sodom Gomorah) was completely destroyed?.. Hmm…God is counting on us.. Shall we disappoint Him?….we gat to move fast..Mk.16:15, Mt. 24:5-14..#peace#

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