The Road Less Traveled

What is it about the road less traveled? 

I’ve heard that on the other side of this road lies castles, mansions and riches unmagineable. I have heard that the long and dark road is in fact filled with so many unexpected twists and turns. That is what discourages people, I guess. But not me! I am a fighter and I love the thrill of a challenging journey; or so I thought.

I think when people talk about the road less traveled – the road to success, it sounds like a very cool action movie or drama to us. It excites us and inspires us and we can’t wait to show our badassness in our own stories when we tell it. That’s the thing with stories though, they are meant to be enchanting, captivating and most importantly, summarized. A good story takes us in, so much so that we don’t take a second to stop and reflect on the fact that the story in question, of the road less traveled, that was summed up into a story that lasted 30 minutes, an hour, maybe even a day, took the author years to live it. All the pain and anguish described didn’t just last for a couple of chapters, the sleepless nights that were mentioned once or twice actually happened a lot more frequently. 

If I had known these things about the road less traveled, I don’t know that I would have embarked on this journey; the journey of my life. A journey where in the midst of all the unexpected detours and painful passageways, I am actually having a blast and the experience of a lifetime.

The road less traveled, the road to greatness, the road to success, it’s not a short one, neither is it an easy one: and rightly so because if you got all you ever wanted on a platter of gold and in the twinkling of an eye with no story involved, first of all you’ll have no story and good stories make for a good storyteller. Secondly, what are you going to do with your life if there is no adventure? I always made the mistake of assuming that success/ greatness is a destination, but boy was I wrong. Success is in fact the entire journey. That’s why there will be ups and of course downs. Wanna know something cool about the road less traveled? It’s not a road at all. The road IS the destination! Hop on and ride along for adventures await 😊❤️


  1. We tend to look more at the destination but ignoring the journey. Meanwhile, the journey will determine the destination, I also think this is why it is less travelled. Great piece dear, great thought. Thank you for sharing

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