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This is the beginning of posts of this kind, about people who inspire me in the littlest and biggest ways possible; Famous people’s stories that I learn a thing or two from. I am one of those “millennials who can’t keep away from social media”. I might as well put my “problem” to good use. In the midst of all the junk I can find, and I do find on the internet, I also get a huge chunk of my inspiration from the internet as well.

I was watching the Nigerian show “King Woman” on YouTube (Thank you Kemi Adetiba, you rock!) because I do not live in Nigeria and I don’t have access to Nigerian cable. Out of the 9 episodes that were out at the time, I was drawn to three in particular, because the women in those episodes are people I look up to and consider to be boss ladies a.k.a king women 🙂


Chigul (Chioma Omeruah) stood out to me in particular because she is a comic but I could always tell that there was a pain about her that I could see. Side note: I am a very invested individual and when someone inspires me I study them carefully so I’m not stalking you or anything Chigul 😀 (#sorry)

Anyways, as I was saying (typing rather), she had so much joy and I have been through enough in life to understand that kind of pain that is masked by a very beautiful, and GENUINE , smile; so I had just always been curious about her story. Imagine my excitement when I found out that she did get a little vulnerable on the show. It was a no-brainer that I was starting my evaluation of the show by watching Ms Chioma. I watched that ~45 minute show feeling all sorts of emotions along the way. I was angry, proud, inspired, hurt, sad, amused at very short intervals.

She’s just like you and me. She had challenges, she HAS challenges, but the difference between her and the “average person” is she refuses to be knocked down. She has a goal in sight and she goes after that goal. In the midst of rejection and frustration she does not lose hope. This is such a resonating theme and everyone on whom I will write a focus piece will have these attributes, you’ll see. It becomes redundant when you keep hearing, don’t lose faith, keep going. But no…. it is far from redundant. Hope is one of the most powerful weapons you can wield in your armory to defeat the challenges life throws at you. Hope is powerful! I tell you this because if I had no hope, there would be no point doing everything I do now.

I will go ahead and explain the emotions I felt: I was angry when I heard about her experience of cyber-bullying because it reminded me that I live in this world with very terrible people who make it very very VERY hard for me to obey Jesus when He told me to love my neighbour . These people who tell terrible lies to snuff out the light of hope they see in someone else just because they can’t quite get their own lights to ignite. Pitiful *choice word* *choice word*.

My pride in her came from the place of listening to the good people who talked to her about her esteem issues. I was proud of the faith she had to believe in herself again, and understand that there is more to her than academic grades. I am what you would call on the other end of that spectrum. I do well in school, by the grace of God, but I would consider her an intellectual equal, if not superior, for the singular fact that she can speak so many languages. That is not even mentioning her musical, theatrical and comical abilities that require intelligence to harness. Society has got to give credit to ALL kinds of talent: academic and otherwise.

I was hurt by all the pain she went through, I could mirror a bit of her grief when she spoke about her dad dying because I can relate to that. I’ll just stop at “I related very well to that”. I was sad because she took a risk to fall in love and that risk ended up hurting her. I know she did pick up gem lessons from that experience and God used that experience to equip her with a unique set of skills that only someone who has gone through what she went through will have. Finally, I was amused because, its FREAKING CHIGUL. She is hella funny!

In this rather abrupt conclusion to this write-up, I want whoever is reading this, myself included, to not give up hope, and stay inspired because what’s a world without someone  relentlessly believing that better things still lie in store?


PS: If you are interested you can watch her interview here


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