Its no shock that I, alongside many other people are sad today. Over five hundred and fifty people who didn’t plan tragedy today, experienced it, and over 50 of those people did not live to tell the story.

My little brother lives somewhere not too far from Las Vegas. It really could’ve been him. Those people were people’s sons, daughters, families!

It could’ve been me. There were attacks in Edmonton the other day.

Its tiring because I have heard many people tell me that they don’t believe in God or refuse to worship Him because He allows suffering and pain in the world. How can we blame Him for our shortcomings? I get it, whenever earthquakes and other natural disasters happen, I sometimes can’t help but ask God why, but we have hurt each other way more than any natural disaster has hurt us all. There’s not really a good way to die suddenly but I wager no-one would choose to be killed mercilessly by a thoughtless fool if they had the choice.

I know what loss feels like, but I don’t know what it is to get a call that someone I love very much suddenly left me by a violent act committed against them. I hope I never find out. I cannot imagine what the people are going through as I type this. I can imagine that their lives will never be the same again. I can imagine that they have to choose to live with a reality that they did not plan for emotionally (or any way lets be honest). What I cannot imagine is why someone thought it was okay to take another’s life.

I’ve always had a problem with that way of thinking because I do not understand it, even on a legal spectrum. How is it okay to decide when another human being dies?

So many killings are motivated by so many things. Revenge, passion, greed, anger, CURIOUSITY, justice? When is it okay to kill someone and how many people have to die before it becomes a problem?

I guess at this point I’m just rambling about a bunch of things. One thing that doesn’t change is that today, my heart hurts, as do many others, even worse, all over the world, and that, that is not okay. There is something wrong with that and it is our duty to fix it. Unfortunately we are too foolish to know the answer, but fortunately we are exceedingly loved by the ONE who has all the answers our hearts seek.

It starts with YOU. When will you surrender? When will you let Jesus be your hero and fix you, so that you can be equipped to fix your environment?

I’m . just . tired .



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