Happy New Year!!!

Hey Guys!
Happy new year! I hope 2017 ended on a note of gratitude for you. I streamed the Praise Party service from elevation church (you should check them out). In 2017, one of the preachers that God has used to speak to me is Pastor Steven Furtick and I have learned a whole lot from watching his sermons on YouTube.

Towards the end of last year, I did not feel very enthusiastic about entering into the new year; because I had failed so much. There were so many things I wanted to do in 2017 and I did not get them done. I’ll give you an example. I decided in January 2017 that I was going to learn how to play the guitar and the piano. Its January 2018 and I still don’t know how to play these instruments. One problem I finally admitted to myself that I have is with consistency and commitment. I attempted to do a whole bunch of stuff, but all I ended up doing was starting projects that I didn’t finish. I blamed it on not having the resources I need to make things happen like I want them to; but you know how God’s love speaks louder than my foolishness. Most of the sermons I listened to in the past year seemed to be yelling one message God really wanted me to hear. Everything I need to succeed, I already have.

Everything I need to succeed, I already have.

I usually try not to make New Years resolutions because I always fail at them. As you can gather from this post, I was pretty much overwhelmed by how much I failed. I think a huge reason for this is that I know if I was disciplined enough, I might have actually managed my time better and gotten more done. I also had some pain that I did not want to let go of. Anyways, lets talk about 2018. Its not a new year new me… nothing like that. I just know that time is something I cannot get back, and I have decided to keep trying to do better, and not to let failing stop me from trying. I have several goals I want to have accomplished by the end of 2018. The difference is that I resolve this year, as a conscious decision to do one thing with my work ethic: be consistent. That’s really what I want to be… consistent. I just want to do whatever it is I do, consistently.

One more thing. I won’t doubt myself or give myself permission to fail by giving myself a pep talk before I need it. I decide to do this understanding that not doing this is not an option. So with all that being said (or written), I will keep you posted on some of my projects as it pertains to all who take out your time to read these blog posts of mine. I know not many people read these things I write and sometimes I get discouraged. But then I remember that if only one person sees what I write and writes me back saying I inspired them, then I must be doing something right. For that one, I continue. For that one, I will give it my best. To that one, I say thank you for helping keep the dream alive. I am inspired by you too!

Happy New Year One Grain Fam!

Yours affectionately,

‘Kinah ❤


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