Gosh! The “S” word

I can’t even believe I’m writing about this; Primarily because it seems like every young single person (single is the S word by the way) has something to say about being single. We are experts and it low-key annoys me (yes! Another successful attempt at using the word “low-key”).

This is going to be short, haha! Because I have no “tips” to give about being single.

I am single. That’s not a bad thing. I’m pretty young ☺️. I’m not a hermit, I talk to guys…. a lot (just throwing that out there). I’m just not a believer in going into a relationship if I’m not very certain that there’s hope for the future, or something truly beneficial to my life: like whose time will end up being wasted? Mine? Uh, no thanks!

Anyhoo, that’s not what this post is about. This is sort of a thanksgiving post. Yes! Because, in all my singleness, I’ve never really known how to own it and embrace it. I tried, to tough it out, act like I don’t care or just pretend that I’m single on purpose. But one of my primary goals when I started college was actually to get a boyfriend 😩(like I can actually pick them off a shelf, smh). But let me just thank God for my upbringing and my nature in Christ. I am a very determined person, so no matter how appealing  a potential relationship looks, if I don’t feel God’s approval in my spirit, I’m not doing it. The great thing is, this year, I can honestly say, I’m single and I love it. And if I was asked if I wanted to be in a relationship today, I’d probably say no; not because, I don’t love love. Au contraire! I absolutely respect, revere and hold in high esteem, romantic relationships because I think that is one of the most beautiful relationships God ordained and I’m pretty excited about the time God will allow me to be in one. I just really hate to see it get messed up, and that’s such a commonality in my time (qué sad). My reason for honestly holding off on the relationship thing is simple. I am at a place in my life where I realize how God has a purpose for me and I have to seek it out, pursue my God-given dreams and just shoot for another galaxy! I’m seeking God’s best for me, and I know that my relationships are included in His plan so I won’t focus on them like I control that part of my life, while God controls the rest. He owns it all.

I’m reading books, dreaming, thinking; it’s so amazing! I feel like I’m not wasting time day dreaming about a perfect man, or relationship. That’s all part of God’s plan for me so I’ll let Him do the thinking on that. I’m just getting myself prepared for all that God has for me. It feels really good and I just wanted to share it because so many people I come across, online or physically, everyday, have these ideals about relationships, that sincerely, I too once had. Most of them end up getting their dream marriages. Then what? They’re so invested in the idea that all they do revolves around presenting the “perfect marriage” to the onlookers: at this stage of my journey, I am more interested in fulfilling God’s purpose for my life than I am in getting married. I think that is a good place to be. Feel free to disagree with me (and I’ll honestly love to hear your thoughts on this): but I feel so free, free to go after becoming who God created me to be and I am beginning to become more aware of just how powerful I am. It’s sweet I tell ya! 😊

And finally, a little note to Mr. cutie patootie. I would love to say hurry up and come, because sometimes I feel that way. But no, I will be lying if I said that. I love you so much I am willing to wait for God to send you to me when you are ready to be sent to me and I am ready to receive you. Its gonna be one litty ride, you and I. I can’t wait, but I can though :). Muah!

Comments? Let’s have conversations about this “juicy” relationship topic in the comments section below 😁. I actually love listening to opinions on relationships.


‘Kinah ❤


  1. For a second, i was going to convince myself that i wrote this post😂. This is so me right now. Honestly though, sometimes the devil just comes to point you in that direction of worried minds and hopeful eyes (my dear family and friends) but if I can trust God to take me through everything in life, relationship and marriage should top the list. I mean a lifetime with another human being with complexities like me? Naaaaah! Lord please, don’t even let me try. I shall goof!
    Thanks Kinah dear. I enjoyed every bit of this post

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    1. Haha! I feel you! That’s so true… and when it does materialize, we will look back and be so so grateful that we did not pour the proverbial “sand sand into God’s garri” 😆


  2. I’ve been trying to be single for sometime now and God gave me a lot of opportunities and put the ball in my court for me to be single. As the complex human that I am who makes up excuses however I had to wait till he took that choice away and I had no choice left. Sometimes I’m happy and at other times I’m sad and I miss it but my old realization about how being single is a blessing given by God has dawned on me again to cut my long story short I cannot come and kill myself😂😂 lol but for real I’m hoping to actually finally make a list of what I want in a person I want to be with because I thought I’d know what i want when I see it but over and over again it doesn’t fail to prove me wrong.

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