Live Conscious

When I was much younger, I used to go to church with my mum, mostly because I didn’t have much of a say in the matter, and also because I was afraid of “going to hell”. I don’t remember where I first heard about hell. All I know is that when I was younger, hell was a place naughty children deserved. If I did decide not to go to church with my mother, apart from getting on her bad side, I thought that I would also be on God’s bad side, which meant that I had to go to hell. Needless to say, that thought scared the *bleep* out of me.

If you don’t know me and haven’t heard the story of how I accepted the gift of salvation from Jesus, that happened when I was about 16 years old. I remember one of the changes I noticed in my life that served as a witness to the change that had happened in my life was that I was no longer afraid of God and His wrath. I was drawn to God because of His love for me when I deserved wrath. Amongst other things, I began to understand and live in the wealth of love that God had made available to me through Jesus Christ.

I digress… I digress…

The title of today’s blogpost is Live Conscious. I titled it so because I want to draw your attention to something I have noticed, pretty much all through my life, but with more clarity in recent years. I have met a lot of people who tell me they are christian, muslim and a plethora of other religions. I have noticed that a lot of these people adopt their various paths to faith, not necessarily out of conviction, but more so driven by a sense of belonging to a particular community who shares their sets of beliefs about life and how it should be lived. They trust the path they have chosen to guide them in their lives’ journeys. I have also noticed that some people were born into their faith and have not questioned it, others left the faith they were born into and joined another that tolerates or encourages the lifestyle they have chosen to adopt.

I look at this phenomenon and look at my life. I remember how easy it is to conform. I also remember the desire to reject what you know to be true to pursue what you want to be true. I remember one of the major human contradictions; to be selfish but be accepted as selfless. I think on all those years that I spent going to church with my mum just to obey her, or hang out with friends, or just do anything but actually worship. I remember the turning point in my life, where I began to feel, very tangibly, the love of God over my life. I remember how I resonate with some of these struggles, how I still struggle to understand some other struggles and how I am wrestling with my own doubts and questions.

I did not write this blogpost to come up with a conclusive and authoritative statement, but rather to challenge you to do something: Live Conscious. Think about every choice you make and its consequences. Don’t be selfish. Everything we do ripples and affects our surroundings more than we can even begin to understand. Our world is in this sour state because some people just wanted to do whatever they wanted, ignoring the consequences.

I invite you to ask yourself hard questions, honestly seek out the path of truth and be willing to make whatever sacrifices necessary to live life well, the way the one true God intended for you to live. I don’t believe that God needs any help in defending His name. If you are in doubt about who God is, all you need to do is honestly ask Him, in the best way you know how, and I bet you He’ll answer, and you’ll know it.

I hope you have a great and conscious week, taking in every moment and giving the decisions you make a little more thought than usual.


❤️ ‘Kinah

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