A lesson on peace, patience and practicality

So… this past week huh! It’s been an interesting week for me indeed! How was your week?

In this blogpost I want to highlight some of the major things that happened during week, lessons I learned and just information for you to do what you will with 😊.

To cut a very long story short, I depend on my laptop for a huge portion of the work I do so it was quite the bummer when my computer suddenly went off on Tuesday, for no apparent reason. I was obviously irritated by this, but by the grace of God I managed to hold it together enough to restrategize my method of all the commitments I had that day. Did I mention I had an early morning red eye flight the next day? Yeah, it was that kind of week.

I went ahead on my trip, returned and took my laptop to a technician to figure out what the problem was. Guess who wasn’t helpful in assisting me with identifying what the problem was and who suggested I leave my laptop for about a week while they try to get to the bottom of the issue? Yup! You guessed it! The technician. To contextualize, this is less than 5 days away from probably my most important presentation of first year grad school, and I wish I was exagerrating.

After a frustrating conversation with the technician,I gave up and handed in my laptop. I am writing today’s blogpost on my tablet that my mom gifted me a while back (Thank God!) and thank you mom!

I’ve gotten my homework for last week done but I still have that massive presentation and coding assignments that I can’t use google docs for. Through this messy week that I’ve had,I’ve seen the evidence of growth in me. Unfortunately, I’ve had my fair share of technological mishaps and I haven’t always been gracious about how I handled it. This time I saw more clearly the value of some of the amazing folks I have around me. Through kind and reassuring words, physical help and just plain availability, I got through this week much easier than you’d think I did.

I won’t lie, I had my moments of frustration, but the good news is that I have a considerably better attitude than the previous time something frustrating happened to me. My heart is more open to all the good in this situation and not just the bad. I am more optimistic going into this new week, not fully knowing how I will make it through but hoping for the best.

God sends help, and He helps us through the people around us. I’m at peace because I know my fate isn’t in my hands but in God’s. I was more patient than I was at previous times (that’s growth). Finally, I’m practical about what I can and can’t get done and I’m making plans accordingly.

I hope you can pick a thing or two from my story: what to do, what not to do and suggestions on what I can do. I hope your week is trouble free because that’s a good week to have.

💜 ‘Kinah


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