A lesson on peace, patience and practicality (part 2)

Do you ever feel like so many confusing but purposeful things are happening in your life and you just don’t know why?

If you read my blogpost from last week, I wrote about how my laptop just suddenly died a day before I had to go on an important trip. I want to give you the concluding part of that blogpost; a little more detailed version of last week’s story; and then something I learned.

This computer was barely 6 months old. One of the first thoughts that came to my mind after I started freaking out, was to just maintain peace about it. I was surprisingly calmer than I expected I would be. I went on the trip, and took the laptop in for repairs upon my return. The technician I met with that day did a quick fix and my laptop was finally working again. Little did I know that that was just the beginning of a very stressful week ahead. I got home, had dinner and went to bed. By the time I woke back up the next day, my computer had died again. It was a Saturday so I took it back in to the store. I met the most unhelpful people at said store, the people I was telling you about in the first part of this series. After my grossly unsuccessful attempt to convince them to exchange my 6 month old computer for a new one since I had a very big assignment and presentation due in the coming week, I finally yielded to letting them take the computer in and change the logic board. One of the assignments I had to do required me to have a personal computer because of the nature of the work I had to do. I was a little nervous, but like I told you all before, God blessed me with helpers and friends. I was able to use a friend of mine’s laptop for the mean time  to prep for my presentation.

As you can imagine, I was pretty disorganized at this point, but by the grace of God I just kept pushing on through the week.

Another hurdle I had to face was trying to convince my professor to give me an extension because I simply couldn’t do my homework that was due on a Thursday as my laptop wasn’t going to be fixed until then. That whole conversation made me anxious because it wasn’t necessarily the most straightforward to have.

Anyway, I got an email on Thursday saying my laptop was ready for pickup. “Hallelujah!”, I thought, and hurried off to go pick it up. My presentation was the next day. I had done the mock presentation earlier on Thursday and the stress of it all made my head hurt. I picked up my laptop, headed back home, grabbed a bite of dinner and took some medications so I could nap a little before making all the final corrections on my presentation. Ladies and gentlemen, I woke up and my computer had died again. The exact same problem it had. I tell you, I can’t make this stuff up. At this point, I didn’t even know how to act anymore. I had cried, gotten angry, yelled, prayed and hoped. I was just done. Thankfully, I still had my friend’s laptop so I continued using that. Don’t forget that this was early Friday morning so I had missed my Thursday deadline already. I just worked on the corrections from 1am till about 7am, took a shower and headed to class. I don’t even understand how I was able to function. It’s a miracle guys…a miracle.

Jesus did it, and I presented and it was good. That lifted a huge burden off my shoulders.

Of course I had to return to the store. Miraculously, everything that hadn’t been working out all week just started working out. My presentation that I was worried about went well, on getting to the store, I met with such a kind manager who, after hearing all I had been through, accepted to exchange my crappy computer for a new one since I had just recently purchased it; and finally, that extension I had asked for, I ended up getting. I cried y’all. I just sat down at the computer store and started crying. I had lost all my data on that former computer (because I ignorantly didn’t back up my stuff) and all for nothing since they didn’t even fix the problem. It was tears of joy though, that after all the suffering, at least I could go home with a computer that I’m sure works.

It’s Sunday today and I have asked this question at least once in this past week. “Why did all these have to happen, especially with the timing?”

You know what my mom said? She said and I paraphrase, “Be very grateful. You never know what God is doing behind the scenes and the bigger troubles He averted. Sometimes you only get to experience the gentle breeze from the storm the enemy intended. God envelopes you with His grace and through the chaos, you see His still and peace and His grace makes it look easy for you.

I can sum up this past week with two scriptures that resonate with me and my recent experience

“…neither this man, nor his parents sinned, but that the works of God should be revealed in him”  from John 9:3


And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. from 2 Corinthians 12:9

I love God y’all, and I’m grateful for all the things He teaches me, through sometimes absurd experiences like this one. I hope that if you are going through some stressful situation that you don’t quite understand the purpose of, during those times you have your sanity, you can choose to consciously trust God and His plan. He doesn’t fail.

Have a great week ahead guys!




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