For God’s Glory

In the last week, a lot of my friends, family and acquaintances have asked me this question “Are you okay?”. Before you start to wonder too, yes I am!!! 😁

I was honestly getting irritated and I started wondering why people wouldn’t take my word for it, but instead kept ‘bothering’ me when I said I’m fine. I then remembered how obvious I can sometimes be without even meaning it. You see, I didn’t intend to be unusually quiet this past week (even though I am quiet a lot of times and people should get used to that), but I do acknowledge that I have been desiring, this week more than many in recent times, to be alone with my thoughts. I won’t go into much detail in this post but people who know me understand that April and July are potentially tough months for me, generally speaking. I don’t get to choose what day of the week, or month that I remember some hard things I have had to experience. When I do remember these things, my mood is consciously and subconsciously affected; not necessarily negatively, but affected nonetheless.

Anyhoooo 😊, I was listening to some sermons yesterday and I just got reminded of some truths that I want to share with you all today. You know how life knocks us down every now and then? You know how we have moments where the joy we feel is immeasurable, and we have moments of pain we can’t imagine getting out of in that moment? Life is funny that way. There are times you are convinced you don’t have the strength to take one more step, and other times you feel like you have the energy to conquer the world. Its such a beautiful mystery to me.

I’m grateful for the opportunity that God has given me to be alive and everyday that I am blessed with breath in my lungs, I see a new reason to appreciate life. Life is a gallery of moments; precious moments captured in time. We take in all those moments. Some moments we lock away deep where we can’t have easy access to them, maybe because they’re too painful to think about. But these moments are there nonetheless. I think its amazing how much our mind knows. Our consciousness isn’t aware of everything, but I believe our mind knows.

This post is meant to be an encouragement post. I just want you to realize today what a gift life is. I know it doesn’t always feel like a gift. God knows I do! I want you to never give up. I know you will fall; sometimes falling is inevitable. But, I want you to get back up again. I want you to maintain your integrity even if it doesn’t feel like it means anything. I want you to do what feels right in your heart, not what will gratify your cravings at the expense of your soul. I want you to take risks, fall in love, love people who don’t know how to love you back, give yourself away to service, be humble, be wise, be attentive, be adventurous, don’t be afraid to fail. LIVE!

A recurring theme that has been speaking to my heart this week is “life is not about you”. Sometimes you will literally go through HELL, not because you deserve it or God hates you, but because He knows you are strong enough to go THROUGH and help someone else. Its so crazy! I heard a wise lady who was abused as a child say at 73 years old ” I can’t say now that I wish I didn’t have to go through that abuse. Look at how many people I have been able to help as a result of that”. When I heard that, I felt it! When I lost my father, I couldn’t help but ask why. If you know me very well, you’d wonder how I made it through that. I still ask why sometimes, but I am very slowly beginning to realize that as horrific as that life event was for me, it was necessary. My life will somehow be better because of it. I don’t understand all the details of how that will happen but by faith in Jesus, I believe it will.

Let me end this by saying life is like a big marathon, filled with mini-marathons, sometimes sprints thrown in here and there. Every victory feels good, gives you motivation to go on the next race and at the end of it all, the final and biggest reward is eternity with God. But this final reward is not for the race we’ve run, its a gift purchased with Jesus’ blood for us. Listen to me, if you believe, trust in God and let Him lead the way, you will have a phenomenal life here on earth! And when you think it can’t get any better than that, you’ll get to experience heaven forever! I can’t even imagine how heaven will be but I believe that there will be no feeling like it. So keep going! Keep living! I need you, like you need me and together we will conquer in this world. ❤️


I love you all so much,


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