My Rich Man

When I was younger, I wanted to marry a poor man. Before you judge me, I was like 10 years old. I used to watch those romantic movies about the heir/heiress who defied their family and married outside their class. I guess I was intrigued by the idea of rebellion more than the more important reason the two people decided to be together. As you expect, the older I got, the more that feeling changed. First, I began to realize that my parents weren’t the owners of the world and everything wasn’t at my beck and call like I used to think. I also began to realize how important the decision of choosing a partner is.

I was scrolling through Instagram, wondering what I was going to write about today, when I came across pictures from the wedding between a popular media personality in my country and the CEO of an airline company. “Wow!” I thought, “She’s going to have such a fancy life marrying such a rich man”. Apart from the obvious superficiality of that statement, I had to do a mind check when I realized I even conceived that kind of a thought. I’m not going to be too hard on myself for thinking that way either because I understand why I thought that. Let me explain…

I usually say things like “I’m going to be a billionaire one day”, and “I’m going to marry a really rich man”, things along those lines. I desire to be wealthy, not just to have enough to get by each day, to be really wealthy in every sense of the word. I want to have the kind of money that makes it easy for me to take care of myself and a whole lot of other people, without being scared about where the next meal will come from. I think money provides some sort of security, to our carnal minds at least: even though God has told us not to worry and to trust Him with everything, you still have people like me who still struggle to believe that in some cases.

My desire to have wealth has always been, but it intensified when I started experiencing how frustrating it is to have dreams, goals and desires, but to be unworthy of those things you want simply because you cannot afford it. I am not a business minded person, so sometimes I wonder where and how I will get those billions I am searching for from. I started praying for a business minded husband, who is rich so he can support the household while I use his money to be a philanthropist. 😄 Even writing this made me giggle. Do you realize how funny this kind of thinking is? But you see, I think these things sometimes. But I digress…

The post on Instagram made me remember how a lot of girls desire security and comfort, and some of us will enter into relationships we know better than being in, for the sake of finding security and comfort. To the best of my knowledge and by the grace of God, I will never marry someone just because he is rich. It made me sad to think of how the hardships that we see in our environments have played on our minds to the extent that we forget that the rich man didn’t start out rich (for the most part at least). I remembered this popular quote I read about a woman who said she wanted to marry an educated, enterprising and ambitious man. When she was asked if she would mind if the man was poor, she replied “That type of man is never poor”.

I whispered under my breath ” Someone needs to believe in him” and then I resolved to be that person. If God gifts me with a man who comes already having his dreams figured out, that’s okay, there are yet more territories to conquer and greater heights to attain. But, if He gives me a rich man, whose wealth is still brewing, a man who has a dream and is working towards it, trusting God along the way, you bet I will give him all the support I’ve got. I will support whatever partner the Lord blesses me with, I will do it with all my heart, because I realize this: that one man’s rich is another man’s poor, and we should never let our character fluctuate with conditions. We should stay steady being who God has called us to be and relax in that posture. I am an encourager, a supporter, a builder, a learner and I resolve to do these things and so much more, in every situation I find myself, by the help of God, because that is who I am.

What is your resolve?

❤️ always



  1. Hi Kinah,
    I really appreciate the fact that you write about th things that we sometimes don’t even consider but has become our reality.
    One really has to have a strong resolution about this especially as a young lady in this part of the world where security is very actively raised above true fulfilment and joy.
    Thank you for waking me up again.

    Liked by 1 person

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