Today is a very exciting day for me. I am getting baptized! It’s been a very long time coming actually but today I’m doing it.

I’m not going to tell you the benefits of baptism and what not because I’m getting baptized today. Instead, I will share with you the brief testimony that I will be reading later today at the event.

Enjoy ! 🙂

I grew up with a mom who went to church and a dad who didn’t. My parents did their best to instil moral values in me and I was sheltered so I didn’t get mixed up with bad crowds. The problem was that I was scared of God, so I tried my best to be good at all I did not to incur His wrath, and frustratingly failed at it.

In my final year of secondary school, I started attending a church at my boarding school where I heard the gospel in a way that didn’t make me afraid for the first time. That began my journey into being intentional about getting to know more about Jesus. I started learning that Jesus was about love and not condemnation and that really drew me to Him. I felt such peace in my heart knowing that God loved me and if wasn’t because of anything I had done to deserve it. He just did. Some months later, I finally sincerely committed myself to Jesus. This happened when I was reading the book of John from the bible (which was suggested to me by my godmother) I got to encounter God as a loving father, not as a judgmental God who was out to punish me for all the ways I had messed up.

After this, I didn’t immediately notice anything different about me other than my newfound way of thinking and viewing God. People around me started telling me how more joyful and kind I was and I realized it was because of God’s work in my heart.

Now, my motives for pursuing success have shifted. I no longer want to do it for myself, but I care more about the world around me, the world God created. I am more empathic to people and a lot less judgmental. I am by no means near perfect, but I feel peace and love instead of fear, knowing that I am redeemed through Christ’s already finished work on my behalf.

Even though I became a believer in 2009, I never got baptized. I wanted to, but it just never seemed like the right time since I was away from family a lot of the times because of school.

When I started attending Tenth, I began thinking about getting baptized again and through the course of listening to the wonderful messages I have been hearing since I came here, I felt more convinced of the need to publicly show my decision to live for Christ and enjoy the life that it entails. I am excited to do so in a community that fuels my faith. I look forward to getting baptized and I am even more excited to get to know Jesus more with each passing day.

To be continued…

💛 ‘Kinah

Posted by:Kingkinah

I'm a lover of Jesus, a lover of life, a lover of people and a hater of all forms of injustice

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