The amount of tears and all the heartache cannot be summed up by words, cannot be articulated in ink or speech, can’t be properly explained on any level below emotion.

My heart aches.

Too many young people have died. In the past week alone I have read of way too many people dying, a lot of them are 20 years and under. I have been overwhelmed by a feeling of helplessness.  People with such a bright future ahead of them, such potential, just taken away without their permission.

Of all the deaths, a lot were brutal murders.

I don’t understand… how one person can decide that the life of another is his/hers to take.

I can’t imagine, how a loved one must feel saying goodbye one morning, not realizing it is for the last time on this side of eternity.

I am hurting.. and I know it is not nearly as painful for me as it is for the people who are first hand victims of these tragedies.

I am sorry. I feel helpless but I want to do something.

I am tired… tired of young people dying, tired of people getting killed by other people.

All over the world this is happening. Sometimes I am tempted to ask God why, sometimes I do ask Him why.

In the midst of this gross darkness I feel on this day, I am reminded of wise words that I heard at church.

God is gratuitously good, unbelievably generous and irrationally loving.

No matter what happens, if you believe in Jesus and His sacrifice for you and I, in love, we have to fight to believe this. In the midst of all the hopelessness, we have to choose to believe and to hope.

Even though we don’t know what tomorrow holds, and that could cause us to fear, we have to choose to trust in the One who knows tomorrow and holds tomorrow. We have to trust and believe and KNOW that His plans for us are ALWAYS good and that He is always PRESENT.

I have to believe, I choose to believe because my hope is built on nothing less, and I place my trust in no-one else.

Sending everyone who is hurting today my love, my prayers and my thoughts.



Posted by:Kingkinah

I'm a lover of Jesus, a lover of life, a lover of people and a hater of all forms of injustice

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