Hi guys!

So something interestingly cool happened today and I want to share what I learned because I think its profound. I planned on publishing a different blogpost than this one today (I will upload the other one next week), but on my way walking to my dorm, I just got “hit” with this lesson. Before I proceed let me just stop and say again that God does speak, through our thoughts, through the things around us.


I was walking to my dorm room, thinking about the finishing touches I would put on the initial piece I intended to upload, and then it felt like deja vu. Let me rewind a little bit, There are several buses that go from anywhere around town to my campus. On campus though, there is one on-campus shuttle that stops directly in front of my dorm but it comes every 30 minutes. Walking to my dorm is 10-15 minutes max, but most times I take the bus because I feel lazy and its faster by bus and I don’t have to spend all those calories . The bus takes a longer, more unnecessary route though, but it gets there in 12 minutes, and I’m usually thinking “I can save those extra 3 minutes”.

What’s my point? I’m getting to it.

Just the other day, I arrived campus in the evening and I was within a 5 minute window for when the on-campus shuttle was going to be at the bus loop, but I decided to walk instead. I just felt like walking that day and I think I walked a little faster than usual. I arrived my dorm like 2 minutes before the bus came by and I remember thinking the moral of that story was that sometimes when you take the harder road, it costs you more, but you get to your destination faster, and you “beat” the other people who took the “easy” way out. But that’s not the lesson God wanted me to learn.

So a similar thing happened today. I spent the day with some friends and headed back to campus late in the evening. When I arrived, I was in a pretty good time window for getting the campus shuttle straight to the front of my dorm, but I decided to walk again. I had somehow been trying, in these past couple of weeks, to convince myself that walking is such great exercise for me, so I decided to walk home rather than take a longer route where I would just be sitting. I took my time walking this time, catching up on emails as I walked (don’t do that by the way. It’s wrong to be on your phone while walking and I should know better. apologies! 🙈)

As I got closer, I sensed that because of my pace I would probably arrive at the same time as the bus, if not a tad later. I didn’t seem to mind though. Sure enough, as I approached my dorm, I saw the bus drive past. It had gotten to my dorm like a minute before I did. But God spoke to me through that. I know some people get creeped out when they read or hear “God spoke to me”, because they imagine its this deep baritone voice calling out authoritatively from the sky in a dramatic manner. I’m not saying that couldn’t happen. I mean God is God, He can do that if He wants. I’m saying I haven’t been spoken to in that way, but in many instances I have experienced conversations in my heart where I could clearly distinguish God’s words from my own.

As I was saying, God spoke to me. I just started thinking back to my previous walk weeks earlier and how I had totally missed the point. Yes, I feel like I am taking a seemingly longer, more difficult route. Yes, my journey is costing and has cost me more than some people I started with. Yes, it is exhausting and is requiring effort from me and yes, I chose this path as opposed to other paths because I believe this is the path I should be on. But the goal is not to get to the destination before them and “show them”. The goal is to enjoy the journey, MY journey. The goal is to take in the journey, appreciate everything about it, see all that I am gaining, the calories that I am burning, how much fitter I’m getting, how much better I’m getting. I don’t know why some people get to take the bus in life while I get to walk. It doesn’t matter if the bus does arrive before I do when I walk. Its not about that. Its about the journey.

In summary let me quote on of my favourite songs by Miley Cyrus

There’s always gonna be another mountain

I’m always gonna wanna make it move

There’s always gonna be an uphill battle

Sometimes I’m gonna have to lose

Ain’t about how fast I get there

It’s the climb…

It’s the climb you guys. Its the journey. I’m filled with so much awe and gratitude as I write this. I’m tired of comparing myself with others, regretting decisions I didn’t make well or hating on people I think are doing better than me. I am so thankful to God to even be on a journey. Its been an incredible journey so far. Yes! filled with pain, but Oh filled with so much joy and beauty and love. I’m incredible honoured and grateful to be alive and I just trust God for grace to enjoy this beautiful journey that He has placed me on, trusting as well that I will get to the destination He desires for me, in the time He desires for me. The journey and the destination are both incredibly beautiful and the attitude I should have is gratitude for both.

I hope I have shared some useful knowledge with you today.

Love always ❤️


Posted by:Kingkinah

I'm a lover of Jesus, a lover of life, a lover of people and a hater of all forms of injustice

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