I just had a birthday this past week. For the longest time I’ve had the unspoken routine of self reflection and gratitude during my birthday. I thought about letting it go this year because I didn’t want to be cliché. After giving it some thought, some clichés are worth keeping. Birthdays happen every year. A cycle, a revolution of earth around the sun: enough time to observe new habits built and and habits that you desire to do away with.

One thing I noticed I had been doing towards the end of my past year in life was that I was trying to evolve, trying too hard maybe. I was so obsessed with getting better I wanted to change pretty much everything about myself all at once. The problem with doing this foolish thing is that I can lose myself in the process, and that’s a terrible thing when you look in the mirror and don’t know who is staring back at you.

I was pondering on my life after some events that have happened within the last week and without going into too much detail, I want to enlighten you on lessons I’m learning through my own life.

Lesson 1: It’s okay that you don’t have all the answers. The journey through life is partly about figuring it out.

Lesson 2: The fact that you don’t have all the answers is not reason enough to live life like you don’t care what the answers are. Stay inquisitive and maintain a learning posture. Life will pleasantly surprise you.

Lesson 3: Everybody has an opinion on love, but only know what makes you happy. Look for that and trust God in addition, to provide you with the love you need.

Lesson 4: Spend as much time as you possibly can with people you care about.

Lesson 5: Take calculated risks. A lot of them will pay off. The ones that don’t will teach you very valuable lessons. Remember, the risks should be calculated.

Lesson 7: Procrastination never works in your favour. Never!

Lesson 8: Don’t put yourself in awkward situations if you can help it. Trust me… unless of course you enjoy being in awkward situations.

Lesson 9: Stay committed to truth . The world is getting more confusing everyday. Seek truth.

Lesson 10: Don’t ever make the mistake of assuming that God is not involved in the affairs of your life. It doesn’t have to be obvious to you, but as much as you’re able, believe.

This is by no means exhaustive and things might change for me, for the better by God’s grace if they do. But here’s what I think are basic things we should know in life and principles we should more or less abide by.

I hope your week is fruitful and filled with evidences of God’s love

Always ❤️


Posted by:Kingkinah

I'm a lover of Jesus, a lover of life, a lover of people and a hater of all forms of injustice

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