Shaking the ‘truth’ table

Hi y’all!!

How’s the Sunday going? I’m so glad I waited till after church service to write this blogpost because I feel like the topic we covered at  church today is so relevant and necessary.

I’ll just get straight to it and hopefully this should be brief, concise and straight to the point. We started a series on Relationships. If you want to listen to the podcast of this sermon or other sermons from church (they’re so good!! I promise), you can find them here.

Today’s focus was on telling the truth. Our pastor emphasized the need to be honest, because our dishonesty has the potential to greatly hurt the people that we care about. It is sometimes literally a matter of life or death.

I was convicted as he was speaking because I knew that the table he was shaking, had me on it. It is very hard for me to be completely honest with someone if I think that the conversation will be any bit uncomfortable. Its such a difficult thing for me to do and I avoid having those conversations as much as I possibly can. I was reminded today how toxic that can be, for me and the person involved.

I used to work at a company that highly prioritized safety. During one of our safety seminars, the speaker told us the story of a man who was lifting heavy equipment without the appropriate gear. The speaker was a new manager at this site and when he saw the labourer working without the appropriate gear, he felt compelled to call him out on it but reluctant as well. Long story short, he told the worker how unsafe what he was doing was, but didn’t exert his managerial authority and demand that the man employ the appropriate protocols for that task.

This worker had an accident very shortly after (that very day) and he broke so many bones, punctured his lungs and he almost died. I remember him telling us of how when he had blood all over his hands and was standing over the worker who had just being in the accident, waiting for the ambulance, the worker asked him to tell his wife that he loved her. The worker thought he was going to die, and our seminar speaker felt guilty and partly responsible for it.

This story made me think so deeply and I hope it makes you think deeply too. if we know the truth, we should be very enthusiastic to share that truth with the people around us. It could literally save their lives. This truth applies to safe practices as well as sharing the good news about Jesus Christ. We are surrounded by hurting people and it is our responsibility to introduce them to or remind them of God’s unending love.

I am totally preaching to the choir and shaking a table that has me comfortably seated on it, but I realize that I really need to do better about being completely honest with people around me when it comes to matters of health and happiness, be it physical, mental or spiritual. I hope we can take on this responsibility together and be more intentional about honesty. May God help us as we do.

Have a beautiful day everyone.





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