Shaking the ‘anger’ table

Hi everyone!

Last week, I wrote a blogpost, inspired by a new series on  relationships that we started at the church I attend. It is called Shaking the ‘truth’ table and you can read it here. Today, I want to shake another table like I indicated on the title of this post 😊. This is also inspired by the series we started at church. I honestly feel like I forgot the essence of these essential bits of knowledge that sustain our relationships with one another and with God. That’s why I’ve been basically sharing what I learnt at church because I deem it utterly important and I think it will be unkind of me not to share these gems. Let’s get to it shall we?

Many of us already know this but it is worth the reminder. Anger, when not properly managed, is very dangerous. To get angry in itself is not a problem. Anger is a natural response to agitating circumstances. We could get angry from hurtful things people say to us, do to us, don’t do for us, or even because of observations we make in the world around us. The Bible says we should get angry but not sin (Ephesians 4:26). I like this verse because when I got reminded of it today, I realized that it does not demonize anger, but rather draws our attention to the potential that anger has to cause us to sin. Some people don’t like the word “sin” and they associate it with impractical things. So, I will replace it with something a little more colloquial: misbehaviour.

When anger begins to fester in our hearts, we are more prone to misbehaviour. Coming from someone who understands the art of being petty, not letting go of anger is not worth it. Whenever someone does something to offend me and I get angry, if I don’t address the anger as soon as possible and I let it fester, I feel really terrible. It stops me from being able to eat well or sleep well. It literally bothers me and the longer I keep it in, the more incapable I become of living a healthy life. I usually have to talk to someone about it and convince myself of letting it go, or have a conversation with the person who caused this anger in me.  What I am trying to get at is how unhealthy anger is: physically, emotionally and mentally. If you take nothing else out of this post, just understand that anger = unhealthy.

This table I shake probably has all of us on it if we really want to be honest. We all have those things or people that push our buttons in ways we didn’t even imagine they could be pushed. Some people are like me and they try to hide it, but in the process of not addressing it, it becomes a rotten attitude and a rotten lifestyle. Does that sound good to you? I hope your answer is no. I challenge us to do better about addressing anger issues and work actively to have a more positive outlook on life and people. I know, its hard! But for the sake of our health, its worth it.

You can decide to practice deep breathing and meditation; recenter yourself and let the distractions fade. There are apps that can help with this and I encourage you to search them out. Finally, I want to remind you of something that the pastor reminded us of today. Some Bible scholars say that Yahweh is not just the name of God, but a symbol of our very breath being God, “YHWH”. When we consciously take more of God in through our very breath, it will become easier to exhale the unhealthy things that keep us from having great relationships.

I hope this has been helpful. As always, leave me your thoughts/comments and share this if it has helped you in any way.  I hope you have an amazing week!

Peace and blessings!

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